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What glazing do we need?

We have single glazed windows in our house, our house is from the 1980s and single glazed windows were all that you could get in those days. Today we are a little confused with the choice you can have, we are obviously aware of double glazing but we have recently read in a magazine that you can now get triple glazing, is there quadruple glazing?

So, we will have to do some research into double glazing and a triple glazing to see which is better for our budget. I guess triple glazing is better then double glazing as double glazing was better than single glazing but what we don’t understand is by how much and the additional costs involved.

Therefore we will consult with our local glazier who is great in our opinion and see what all the fuss is about with triple glazing as we have never heard of it before. Our local glazier will know all the answers obviously and be able to help us make a decision. We have used him before but mainly for glass repairs.

I guess it will come down to cost and our budget in the end, but we would like to be informed and therefore make an informed decision about what sort of glazing would make sense for our house. Glazing is a very expensive improvement to your home and should be eight considered purchase because it will clearly save you money on heating bills and therefore that calculation should be something you should consider.

We need to calculate what our budget is, what we can afford this will be dependent on what deal you can get from the glazier and whether they would do any finance. Or we will have to get a loan from the bank or credit card loan may be a 0% if possible.

We also need to consider how the glazing will look in our house because as I said at the beginning of the post our house is an older house and has all the features there for the consideration of the look of the house is very important. So we will need to look at different designs and styles from the glazier.